I attended the Animal Healing Intro class this weekend and I loved it.  It was too short since I could have stayed all day to learn more.   I already have practiced some of the basic cleaning techniques, and I feel different.   I feel more at peace – my anxiety level has reduced significantly and that my heart and eyes are more open.

One of my horses is hyper sensitive to me and my feelings, and he felt that difference in me as well.    I have several horses and multitude of issues and past traumas, and I can’t wait to learn more how to help them and myself.

E.P., Astoria, Oregon

I enjoyed your seminar last month, and plan to take the weekend class later.  I had some initial success with my dog, who had been limping from a fall she took 2 months ago.  She started prancing around and the limp did not recur for a couple of weeks.  Then the man I am dating has COPD and after his acupuncturist cancelled an appointment, I figured I may as well try Pranic Healing on him.  Within a day he was breathing easier and didn’t have BP or rapid pulse, so of course he wants me to do it again.

–M.F., Hood River OR

One morning, my 100+ lb dog woke up with an extreme fear of stairs.  Yes, he was on the top floor, and would not descend to go outside.  Not even his breakfast could bring him down.  Trembling, drooling, rapid heart rate and panting, he was quite a sight.  It took two of us to carry him down the stairs.  We thought it was an isolated incident.  After it happened two more times,  I immediately arranged for some emergency Pranic Healing to deal with this issue.  After a week of treatments, he was able to calmly go up and down the stairs with no issue.  Hasn’t happened again since!.

D.D., Portland, OR

Doshin is a German Shepherd dog came to this small Buddhist temple when he was 8.  In May 2009, Doshin suddenly began to drag his left back leg.  The Vet determined he had a neurological problem. I turned to Liza Burney and the energy work that she does.  Now 7 months later, through her healing efforts, Doshin is a different dog. Over these many months under her care he has regained a good deal of the use of his back leg.  Last summer, he began to show an interest in romping with some of his doggie friends and that has continued to be a joy for him.  I have noticed his energy and stability continue to increase over the months. In December 2009, he literally ran and played for almost an hour.

Up until about November 2009, Doshin still had a difficult time getting into the car, but now he pops in and out and I have even seen him jump into the back of a pick up truck. (I would prefer he not do this though).  He continues to go up and down stairs and gets better at it as time goes by.  He has even gently jumped up on me a time or two when he gets excited and has not fallen down. Six months ago, before he knew he could not do that, he would leap up and his leg would give out on him.

Doshin has taken on a brightness that was not there in the beginning. Initially he would not approach anyone. Recently he has started to warm up to the people who come here, approaching them quietly, sniffing and letting them pet him. He has allowed himself to be apart of what we do. Recently I had a young woman come to visit who had met Doshin last summer, and when she was around him for only a few moments in December she said this is a different dog. She had never seen a dog make such a change in his demeanor and simply in the way he interacted with every one.

R.M.J. - Portland, OR

Our 14 year old Rottweiler always sounded sort of raspy when she panted, but it was only when she had an acute respiratory attack that she was diagnosed with  Laryngeal Paralysis, which meant half her airway was blocked.  Our options were basically a tie-back surgery (which had risks) or do nothing and have her lead a sedentary lifestyle (not really an option, either).  We decided to try Pranic Healing on her.  This approach allowed her to lead an active lifestyle for another two years and avoid the dangerous side-effects of surgery (possible complications with eating and drinking) at the same time managing her condition with excellent quality of life.

L.H., Portland, OR

I have an 11 year old mare who is very athletic, playful, and always up to something!  Need I say more.  On Sunday afternoon, February 13, 2011, I noticed an open wound on her inside, right hock – almost to the bone and blood was running down her leg!   My mare must have clipped the inside of her hock with her front shoe while playing.   So I cleaned it up, I wrapped her hock and starting Sunday night, Liza started some energy healing work on her.  She worked on that wound on and off all day Monday.   By Tuesday morning, all you could see was a little slit – it was really magical – my only regret is that I didn’t take a “before” picture.  Her leg looks wonderful!!  And she only had to be on stall rest one day while it healed!   We both Thank You so much Liza and Pranic Healing.

B.P., Beaverton, OR

When my 8 year old doberman developed age-related incontinence, he had already been on a medication to minimize leakage for years.  The vet suggested increasing the medication dosage, which helped for a while, but then he got worse again.  The vet said she couldn’t increase his dosage, as he was maxed out, according to his body weight.   So we tried Pranic Healing on him.  Within a few weeks of regular treatments, he regained full bladder control and stopped having accidents in the house.  He maintained bladder control for the rest of his life.  What a gift!!

L.H., Portland, OR

After three visits to the vet and an 8-day stay at the Humane Society within the first month of getting our new cat, I called Liza out of desperation. No one had an explanation for the cat’s chronic vomiting and subsequent refusal to eat. The vet suggested I return the cat to the Humane Society because she suspected an incurable disease. Liza worked energetically on Stella and the very next day the cat looked alert and began to eat without vomiting!  I couldn’t believe how quickly our cat responded!  Happily, I write this recommendation… Liza is the real thing

K.G., Portland, OR

Fitzgerald, my 31 year old appaloosa hunter/jumper (retired), had to have his eye surgically removed at the vet school due to complications from uveitis and a corneal ulcer.  When he came home, he just stood with his head in the corner of the stall, and had stopped eating and drinking. He had passed a minimal amount of dry manure overnight. He seemed depressed.  I was concerned about potential issues with colic.

Having had some good experiences of pain relief from Pranic Healing myself, I asked Liza to do some distance work on him. Around 5:00 pm he brightened up, was much perkier and showed interest in what was going on around him. Then he scarfed down his beet pulp mush, ate his dinner senior feed with gusto and drank a few gallons of water. I checked my email, and Liza had sent a message at 4:30 pm that she had just finished doing distance healing work on him.

The next morning his manure was normal and he was eating and drinking normally. He actually whinnied at me to hurry up and feed him. MUCH better.  His eye area healed more quickly than expected, with no complications.  He seemed to be completely pain free in about 3 days, and was back to being his normal naughty self.  I feel that Pranic Healing helped avoid colic, and really accelerated his recovery. Thank you, Liza.

D.C., Hillsboro, OR

My Saddlebred mare, Rose, had stepped on a spike that went right into the center of her hoof at least an 1”. I immediately started to soak Rose’s hoof 3 times a day and wrapping it to make sure it was kept as clean as possible, about a week later while I was cleaning her foot, something popped out of the hole, I didn’t like the looks of it, since it was tubular looking, I pushed it back into the hole and had the vet out the next day. He looked at it and started to clean it as if it was like an abscess and out popped tubular material; the vet looked at it closer and told me that it looked like her tendon. He continued to tell me it wasn’t a good thing at all, and that her leg would swell and go all the way up her leg and in the mean time the other leg would be taking her full weight and would do the same. The leg would be all infected and that also would be carried all over.

He suggested I euthanize her. I told him that wasn’t an option.

A few days later I received an email for an introductory class on Pranic healing and I thought to myself, why not go and see what it is all about and try using it on my mare. I went with an open mind and during the class the healer suggested different exercises for the class to do and I was amazed the things I could feel. I did talk with Liza Burney and told her about my mare. I went home and started working on Rose. It really worked, Rose got better and she is now sound and used in my lesson program!!

March 2011

M.H., North Plains, OR