My horse colicked last Friday. It was an intense few days with loads of Pranic Healing.  I was super grateful for my recent Level 1 Pranic Healing training. It gave me the confidence to focus on protocols for constipation and abdominal pain. It was very stressful for me because he wasn’t pooping for almost three days, but I finally got him turned around and we are slowly starting him back on his normal feeding routine.

F.S., Prineville, OR

When I first took my horse to a local Equestrian Center, he would walk anywhere on the property, except near the hot-walker. To him, it must have seemed like a horse-eating monster, he was so reactive and avoiding it at all costs. The complication was that the hot-walker is located right by the entrance to the indoor arena. So we had to do something. He received Pranic Healing for emotional healing, focusing on fear. To my great delight, the next time we were on location, we actually walked calmly past the hot-walker not once, not twice, but five times!! It was as if it had never been a problem before.

W. C., Portland, OR

My dog, who is prone to skin conditions, developed yet another ‘hot spot’ on the back of his leg.  I noticed it because of the excessive amount of chewing he was doing there.  So I decided to try what we learned in class (after I washed and applied topical spray) and did the Pranic Healing on the raw, open patch of skin the evening of the first day.  Well, the results were so fast and so complete, when I looked for the injury the morning after, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I actually checked both legs because I thought I was looking at the wrong side!  When I did finally find it, all there was was a little matted fur to mark the spot.  No redness at all!  And even better, no more chewing.

-- D. D., Portland, OR

I took the Level 1 Pranic course from Liza Burney in the Spring of 2014.  It has been a gift for me and my horses.  I use the skills I learned in the course every day!  My horses love the energy work and it has allowed me to detect and treat subtle health issues before they developed into problems that would prevent me from riding.

K.L., Portland, OR

I really enjoyed the Pranic Level I class taught by Liza Burney. She has an open welcoming style that allowed the class to processes the information the way we needed, while also staying on or ahead of schedule. Thanks.

D. S., Portland, OR

After receiving an emotional healing – it was truly amazing –  I had the greatest ride on my horse the following day! Completely anxiety-free, pure loving fun! After the ride, I felt like my heart was going to come right out my chest from love and joy; I was just beaming. After cleaning so much junk from my past that has been distorting and tainting what is now, I’m able to tap into some the pure emotions that I used to feel when I was a kid.

E.P., Astoria, Oregon

Back in May, my horse was having eye irritation. Lots of mucus, hot to the touch. I physically cleaned it with cool water and tried to ice it. She was less then thrilled to have it fussed with. Then I used Pranic Healing on it.  The next morning it was still a tad warm, but had cleared up considerably. What’s interesting to me is after several months the problem as of today has not returned.

N.S., Eugene, OR

Thank you for coming to our barn and sharing your knowledge with us.  I practice the energy feeling and healing, and I feel a greater sense of connection to all things.  What you teach others is empowering and enlightening.  A gift to treasure!

K.E., Marylhurst, OR

I got on my horse the other day, and immediately my right ankle was extremely painful in the stirrup.  I used the technique from the Intro class, and within a few minutes, the pain was gone and I could ride effectively, instead of being distracted by the pain.  Yea!  p.s. and the pain hasn’t come back!

L.P., Beaverton, OR

Hello, from the Animal Healing Intro class at the horse expo.  I’d like you to know that my knee felt much better immediately after you did the (15 minute demo) healing.  I rested it for 4 days then resumed light activity.  Thanks for the help … went for a ride yesterday without any problem.

D.M., Albany, OR