Maintain Wellness

Maintain Wellness

Is your pet already feeling great?  Fantastic!  Let’s keep it that way.

By virtue of this environment we live in,  your pet’s healthy body is being subjected to countless sources of influence:  chemicals in their food and water, and environmental toxins like carpet cleaner and garden chemicals, just to name a few.

Because disease appears first in the energy body before it appears in the physical body, illness can be often be prevented by detecting imbalances energetically and correcting them before they manifest physically.

Accumulated over time, if unaddressed through regular treatments, these energies can have a depleting effect on an animal’s vitality.  Wellness treatments are like having a 20,000 mile tune-up.   Regular maintenance can help avoid more expensive “repairs” later!

Popular treatments include:

  • immune enhancement
  • athletic enhancement
  • detoxification treatments
  • anti-aging program