Service & Therapy Animals

Service & Therapy Animals

Is your dog a Service animal?  Your rabbit a therapy animal?  Does your llama visit senior centers and nursing homes?  Does your animal work closely with people, especially in a healing context?

  • Do you notice them looking tired or drained at the end of a day?
  • Do they seem to take on the stress of the people they visit?
  • Does your therapy animal seem depressed after visiting certain hospital wards?

Your animal may be experiencing energy transference.  You can eliminate and prevent this, which is the idea behind “Energy Hygiene.”  Working as a professional guide or therapy animal has specific energetic implications, which if ignored, can lead to stress, burnout, depression and illness.

There are some very simple practices you can do to help support your professional animals happiness, health and well being, using the tools of Energy Hygiene.  Using these techniques helps to maximize the investment you have already made in their training, and keeps them healthier longer.

Intro to Pranic Healing and Energy Hygiene:

Learn the simple, step-by-step approach of Energy Hygiene, which is the practice of keeping the energy body as clean and charged up as possible with some simple techniques that the owner does for the service/therapy animal.

  • Learn how to strengthen your animal’s energy so he does not absorb the energy of others.
  • Practice techniques to release energy that has already been absorbed.
  • Understand the process of disconnecting energetically from people.
  • Practice the techniques in class so you can be confident in applying them immediately.

Most people notice their animal’s personal energy surge when they begin practicing energetic hygiene regularly.  The best way to arrange this class is to contact me, and I can offer a 2-3 hour presentation to your office, group or organization. You’ll be happy you did.