1161005_92100507Is your animal companion a therapy dog?  A show dog?  A high performance athlete? or “just” a pet?

Are you doing everything you can to support their physical and emotional health?  Because wellness is more than diet, proper weight and exercise.  Health is not just the suppression of symptoms.  Health and wellness encompass finding balance on the both physical and energetic levels.  Energy healing can empower you to make a difference in your pet’s life by giving you the tools to help them achieve this balance.

Pranic Healing is often called “acupuncture without needles.”  This no-touch modality offers us a new way to accelerate self-healing and support the health and wellness of our pets.  How?  By addressing the root cause of chronic health conditions.  By understanding that the symptoms themselves are merely representative of an underlying energetic imbalance.  Energy Healing goes to the source of the imbalance, and corrects it on an energetic level. As a result, the symptoms naturally resolve themselves.

Pranic Healing can help your pet reduce stress and the impact that stress has on the physical body.

Curious?  Learn what Pranic Healing can do for you today.

Read about Pranic Healing and Horses from the December 2014 issue of Flying Changes magazine:

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