New Client Page

New Client Page

Heart to Heart Healing is located in Portland, Oregon, and offers in-person appointments to people and animals in the Portland Metro area.

Because of the special nature of energy work, physical distance is not an issue and we offer telephonic healing appointments to people outside this local driving area.

Please take a moment to review the New Client Packet, which includes some informational articles regarding what you can expect during your session:


While receiving a session, you remain fully clothed, and have the option to sit or recline, depending on your preference.  Pranic Healing is a “hands-off” modality, and practitioners do not engage in any physical touching of the client.

If we have a phone appointment, I ask that you please initiate the phone call to me at the designated time.  My phone number is 503-502-5186.  While I try to accommodate individual circumstances as they arise, please be aware that appointments cancelled at the last minute or forgotten may be subject to a cancellation charge.

Afterwards, please mail payment to me at this address:

Heart To Heart Healing, LLC 

PO Box 19747, Portland, OR  97280.