Fear Factor

Fear Factor

When I first began working with Keene, and we were still in the “getting to know you” phase, I made the mistake of grabbing a tissue and turning towards him.  Immediately he dashed behind the two upholstered chairs,… Read More

Jilly and the Hot Spots

Jilly is a young Golden Retriever who had been receiving conventional treatment for hotspots on her neck, with absolutely no improvement after fourteen days of a topical cream.  So I got to work on her.  I found imbalances… Read More

Dog Shame

We’ve all seen the photos … dogs with signs around their necks, confessing the terrible things they have done while home alone. Yes, they’re cute and funny. And as long as the signs are just talking about what… Read More

Lions and Tigers and Bears …

Oh my! It can be challenging enough dealing with your pet’s physical issues … but what can you do when your dog develops a fear or phobia? Talk therapy? Rationalize it with them? Not likely. But what you… Read More

All in a Day’s Work

A woman calls, having just been stung by a hornet. She’s frantic because she is not only allergic to the hornet, but the epinephrine that the ER uses for allergic reactions. 20 minutes later, with just one Pranic… Read More