What is a chakra?  The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel.”  It is part of the energy anatomy that is shaped like a vortex and is responsible for energizing certain parts of the anatomy.  These energy vortex are constantly spinning, absorbing subtle energy for the body to use, and expelling used up, or stale energy that the body is releasing.  When these two functions are happening harmoniously, the energy body is balanced and we see wellness.  But when one of these functions (either the “inhale” or the “exhale”) is impaired, the energy body becomes imbalance — either with too much congested energy, or with not enough fresh energy coming in.  Energy healing can be used to correct a chakral imbalance and restore the even flow of energy in and out of the system.

Congested Energy

Congested energy is the energy that would normally be released by the energy anatomy, similarly to how the body’s respiratory system exhales carbon dioxide.  But sometimes this “exhale” ability is impaired due to an imbalance in the energy anatomy, and this energy accumulates in the energy body.  When that happens in a localized area, the body tends to physicalize this imbalance, and manifests as a symptom.