Drippy Doberman

When my 8 year old doberman developed age-related incontinence, he had already been on a medication to minimize leakage for years.  The vet suggested increasing the medication dosage, which helped for a while, but then he got worse again.  The vet said she couldn’t increase his dosage, as he was maxed out, according to his body weight.   So we tried Pranic Healing on him.  Within a few weeks of regular treatments, he regained full bladder control and stopped having accidents in the house.  He maintained bladder control for the rest of his life.  What a gift!!

L.H., Portland, OR

Sensing Invisible Energy

One of the first things we do in a Pranic Healing class is an exercise called Sensitizing the Hands. This practice helps us to “scan” or detect the invisible subtle energy of our body. Most people have never experienced this exercise before, so it often comes as a surprise that our bodies are sensitive to, and have receptors to, invisible energy. Well, consider for a moment the idea that our bodies are constantly receiving and processing “invisible energy” all the time: Read More

Close Encounters of the Hawk Kind

Blackie was a simple chicken, but one who taught me the importance of the power of inner intention. She lived for just over three years and was a faithful companion to the others in our chicken flock. Quick on her feet and light of feather, she was the leader of our pack. A few years ago, when she was bitten by a dog, I had the unique opportunity to really test my Pranic Healing skills on an emergency trauma situation. Sometime in the late morning, she sustained a 4” laceration across her upper back, and we immediately treated her with the standard first aid supplies we had on site, and then with the energy healing. Read More

Lions and Tigers and Bears …

Oh my!
It can be challenging enough dealing with your pet’s physical issues … but what can you do when your dog develops a fear or phobia? Talk therapy? Rationalize it with them? Not likely. But what you can do is help them heal emotionally using the tools of subtle energy. Energy Healing works quickly and effectively on fears and phobias, because thoughts are energy. And Pranic Healing is specifically designed for this purpose.

Take, for example, a young dog I recently had the opportunity to work with at the Rose City Classic. “G.D.” had developed a fear of male judges, Read More

Invisible Ocean of Energy

Think for a moment of a computer from the pre-1980’s era. Rooms full of large data-processing machines with their programs stored on punch cards. Eventually information from these punch cards transitioned from a physical medium to being stored on magnetic tape. Then to discs, then hard drives and finally where we are now with programs being stored in the cloud and everyone transmitting wireless information from hand held devices.

Put an 80’s era punch card computer in a room full of wi-fi and what will it do? Read More