Dog Shame

We’ve all seen the photos … dogs with signs around their necks, confessing the terrible things they have done while home alone. Yes, they’re cute and funny. And as long as the signs are just talking about what the dogs have done, I’m happy to click through and move on.  But one I’ve seen recently took a slightly different approach. Instead of describing the dog’s actions, it actually labeled the dog itself with the message, “I am a bad boy.” Seems simple enough. Until you evaluate the energetics of that sign. Read More

Raspy Rottweiler

Our 14 year old Rottweiler always sounded sort of raspy when she panted, but it was only when she had an acute respiratory attack that she was diagnosed with  Laryngeal Paralysis, which meant half her airway was blocked.  Our options were basically a tie-back surgery (which had risks) or do nothing and have her lead a sedentary lifestyle (not really an option, either).  We decided to try Pranic Healing on her.  This approach allowed her to lead an active lifestyle for another two years and avoid the dangerous side-effects of surgery (possible complications with eating and drinking) at the same time managing her condition with excellent quality of life.

L.H., Portland, OR

Post – Surgery recovery

Fitzgerald, my 31 year old hunter/jumper (retired), had to have his eye surgically removed at the vet school due to complications from uveitis and a corneal ulcer.  When he came home, he just stood with his head in the corner of the stall, and had stopped eating and drinking. He had passed a minimal amount of dry manure overnight. He seemed depressed.  I was concerned about potential issues with colic.

Having had some good experiences of pain relief from Pranic Healing myself, I asked Liza to do some distance work on him. Around 5:00 pm he brightened up, was much perkier and showed interest in what was going on around him. Then he scarfed down his beet pulp mush, ate his dinner senior feed with gusto and drank a few gallons of water. I checked my email, and Liza had sent a message at 4:30 pm that she had just finished doing distance healing work on him.

The next morning his manure was normal and he was eating and drinking normally. He actually whinnied at me to hurry up and feed him. MUCH better.  His eye area healed more quickly than expected, with no complications.  He seemed to be completely pain free in about 3 days, and was back to being his normal naughty self.  I feel that Pranic Healing helped avoid colic, and really accelerated his recovery. Thank you, Liza.

D.C., Hillsboro, OR

Extreme Fear of Stairs

One morning, my 100+ lb dog woke up with an extreme fear of stairs.  Yes, he was on the top floor, and would not descend to go outside.  Not even his breakfast could bring him down.  Trembling, drooling, rapid heart rate and panting, he was quite a sight.  It took two of us to carry him down the stairs.  We thought it was an isolated incident.  After it happened two more times,  I immediately arranged for some emergency Pranic Healing to deal with this issue.  After a week of treatments, he was able to calmly go up and down the stairs with no issue.  Hasn’t happened again since!

D.D., Portland, OR

Digestive Distress

After three visits to the vet and an 8-day stay at the Humane Society within the first month of getting our new cat, I called Liza out of desperation. No one had an explanation for the cat’s chronic vomiting and subsequent refusal to eat. The vet suggested I return the cat to the Humane Society because she suspected an incurable disease. Liza worked energetically on Stella and the very next day the cat looked alert and began to eat without vomiting!  I couldn’t believe how quickly our cat responded!  Happily, I write this recommendation… Liza is the real thing.

K.G., Portland, OR