Jilly and the Hot Spots

Jilly and the Hot Spots

Jilly is a young Golden Retriever who had been receiving conventional treatment for hotspots on her neck, with absolutely no improvement after fourteen days of a topical cream.  So I got to work on her.  I found imbalances in her auric field, meridians and especially the chakra system.  As is often the case with skin disorders, the source of the issue is somewhere other than the surface of the skin.  In Jilly’s case, it seemed like it was a stress-related situation, which was impacting her body’s ability to heal the skin irritation.  In energetic terms, she had an overactive and congested Solar Plexus chakra, which was contributing to an extremely underactive Basic chakra.  The Basic chakra influences the body’s ability to create rapid healing on the cellular level, and when this chakra was underactive, that ability was slowed down almost to a standstill.  This explains a lot about why no healing was happening.

As things go, the same day I started the Pranic Healing on Jilly, her caretakers also switched to a different topical cream.  This sort of thing happens a lot in this line of work.  I understand our lives are not double-blinded control studies, and it’s just not realistic to expect people to change only one thing at a time for themselves or for their animals.  So we just go with it.  Her first session went really well and I would see her again in a week.

When I saw her for the next session, my first impression is significant improvement visible on the physical level, and much improvement on the energetic level.  Auric field is balanced, but some meridians still need work.  The best news is that the chakra system is balanced, particularly her Basic chakra, which is strong and functioning harmoniously. Overall, a completely different energetic profile from the prior week, which is excellent news.  So the obvious question is, was it the new cream?  Was it the energy healing?  A little bit of both?

I have worked on hot spots in the past on my own personal dogs.   My experience is that, when treating them with just Pranic Healing and no topical cream, the energy healing has been effective by itself and the hot spots disappear by the end of the day.  Of course, other people have probably had success with just a topical cream and no energy healing.  Every situation is different.  What’s really interesting is that sometimes the shift in the energy is what allows the meds to work – even if they hadn’t been effective before – and then you get the benefit of both approaches.

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