Close Encounters of the Hawk Kind

Close Encounters of the Hawk Kind

Blackie was a simple chicken, but one who taught me the importance of the power of inner intention. She lived for just over three years and was a faithful companion to the others in our chicken flock. Quick on her feet and light of feather, she was the leader of our pack. A few years ago, when she was bitten by a dog, I had the unique opportunity to really test my Pranic Healing skills on an emergency trauma situation. Sometime in the late morning, she sustained a 4” laceration across her upper back, and we immediately treated her with the standard first aid supplies we had on site, and then with the energy healing. Because I didn’t have sutures or some other way to close the injury, I tended her wound the best I could, but basically her back was open all day. The final job was left for the evening when a friend of ours with those skills graciously made himself available to sew her up.

The most interesting thing I noticed about this entire experience was the very visceral feeling of the shift in my own attitude, my own inner landscape, about what I believed the likely outcome would be. Before the additional help, it felt like we were just treading water and that a good outcome was maybe possible, but unlikely. Almost seemed like despair. But after she was stitched, all of a sudden the situation was completely different and a positive outcome was now in reach! All that was needed was “rapid healing of a fresh wound” protocol, “strengthening the immune system” and the microbial protocol focusing on clearing harmful bacteria. That was easy! I’ve done each of those plenty of times!  Not only did my attitude dramatically shift, but Blackie’s energy also shifted in response to my new and improved attitude. This was a huge lesson. And so the healing process began.

The other interesting thing that I became aware of was the significant amount of medical pessimism/doubt that was subconsciously projected by other people. These were good, well-intentioned people, who either didn’t believe or couldn’t understand that her survival was even possible under these circumstances. No “official” medical care. No antibiotics. All day with her back exposed.  This energy absolutely had to be cleared from Blackie for her healing sessions to be successful. And successful they were. She made very steady progress and a full recovery from the injury of the dog bite. Her wound healed quickly, and there was no redness or infection at all, even with the delay of almost 12 hours in getting her closed up. Her attitude was great, good appetite, and she was enthusiastic about getting back outside once the incision was healed. She stepped right back into her top spot in the flock.

But despite all the amazing things that Pranic Healing can do, it can’t save a chicken from being carried away by a hawk. Rest in peace, Blackie.

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