• Jilly and the Hot Spots

    Jilly is a young Golden Retriever who had been receiving conventional treatment for hotspots on her neck, with absolutely no improvement after fourteen days of a topical cream.  So I got to work on her.  I found imbalances… Read More

  • Raspy Rottweiler

    Our 14 year old Rottweiler always sounded sort of raspy when she panted, but it was only when she had an acute respiratory attack that she was diagnosed with  Laryngeal Paralysis, which meant half her airway was blocked. … Read More

  • Post – Surgery recovery

    Fitzgerald, my 31 year old hunter/jumper (retired), had to have his eye surgically removed at the vet school due to complications from uveitis and a corneal ulcer.  When he came home, he just stood with his head in… Read More

  • Extreme Fear of Stairs

    One morning, my 100+ lb dog woke up with an extreme fear of stairs.  Yes, he was on the top floor, and would not descend to go outside.  Not even his breakfast could bring him down.  Trembling, drooling,… Read More

  • Digestive Distress

    After three visits to the vet and an 8-day stay at the Humane Society within the first month of getting our new cat, I called Liza out of desperation. No one had an explanation for the cat’s chronic… Read More

  • Drippy Doberman

    When my 8 year old doberman developed age-related incontinence, he had already been on a medication to minimize leakage for years.  The vet suggested increasing the medication dosage, which helped for a while, but then he got worse… Read More


iStock_000019460458Small group animalYour pet’s ENERGY determines how quickly he recovers from illness and injury, her overall feelings of well-being, and general attitude towards life.   When your pet is clear mentally and emotionally, he plays well with others and is resilient when presented with stressful circumstances.

Pranic Healing can teach you how to work with your pet’s energy anatomy and accelerate their body’s natural healing ability.

If you are interested in learning how to:

  • Understand your pet’s energy anatomy
  • Feel the subtle energy around their physical body
  • Determine what makes their energy stronger, and what makes it weaker
  • Support healing of physical issues and injuries using the energy of your hands
  • Remove energy that causes disease, depression and stress,

then you are in the right place.

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The auric field, or bio-plasmic body, is a field of energy surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body.  Animals have an aura, just like people do.  It contains, supports and protects the rest of the energy anatomy, and provides… Read More

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What is a chakra?  The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel.”  It is part of the energy anatomy that is shaped like a vortex and is responsible for energizing certain parts of the anatomy.  These energy vortex are… Read More

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Congested Energy

Congested energy is the energy that would normally be released by the energy anatomy, similarly to how the body’s respiratory system exhales carbon dioxide.  But sometimes this “exhale” ability is impaired due to an imbalance in the energy… Read More

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